Thursday, December 6, 2012

Just Bought: Mamonde Total Solution Eye Cream

Hey Girls,

I've just purchased Mamonde Total Solution Eye Cream off Ebay! Can't wait for it to arrive!

Hopefully this will be my HG eye cream as I've tried soooooooo many eye creams which don't work out as what I'd hope for.

This cost me RM90.96 with free shipping direct from Seoul and it's a 30ml bottle! Quite affordable imo.

Here are the description of the products, as per shown in their website.

Product Benefits- Concentrated Moisturizing For Eyes
  Beta-glucan forms a moisture barrier around eyes to protect the eye area.
- Reduce Puffiness & Dark Circles
  Dermochlorella and orange flower extract improves dark circles and reduces puffiness by promoting circulation.

I'm overly excited about the 'promise' they gave for the dark circles improvement. We shall see when I have used this for at least half of the bottle!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

L'Oreal Youth Code Rejuvenating Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream

I got this from Barcelona El-Prat Airport earlier this year. It came with the Youth Code Day & Night Cream pack. Roughly about €12 each. Of course it's sold separately as well but I think it's about €20 which is way too much for me.

It's the usual 15ml glass jar with a plastic screwcap as how their other lines of eye creams are.

And it's half used. I usually prefer to review after it's been used for awhile to see if there is really a difference after. As you can see, it's of a thick mouse consistency. It is not frangraced.

After application, my eye area did feel moisturised as I prefer thicker creams as opposed to gels. That's because when gel dries up, it gives me that taut feeling and sometimes my eye area gets irritated by that.

It claims to rejuvenate and gives an anti wrinkle benefit, which does not do it for me. But I will buy it again for it's moisturising benefits rather than their other claims.

I guess I'll be off looking for a new eye cream again! Must be the milionth time I've changed a brand for this!

Sadly this eye cream is not available in Malaysia for those who wants to try it out.

Note: Will be updating more reviews soon! I won't be updating any nail swatches at the moment as I haven't gotten any new colours yet!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Orly Goth

Hey Girls,

Tried out a new colour today, well, not really new as I've got alot of black ones lying around.

It goes opaque on 2nd coat. Upon 1st coat, it doesn't even apply streaky but I'm really used to 2 coats manicure at least.

This has a black base with silver glitter. It's very minimal, which is exactly what I like. Overloading in glitter just makes me crazy when removing.

CND Stickey
Orly Goth
Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat

Hope you like it!

PS: Was too lazy to do a proper clean up though. Sorry!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Just Bought: Laneige Balancing Emulsion Light

Hello Girls,

Been really unhappy with the korean moisturiser that I'm using current. I won't be able to give you the name because it's all in Korean wordings.

Anyway, the first time using it, it cleared my acne (chin, around nose - everywhere) and whiteheads (forehead). I used that particular moisturiser a couple of years back and last December - I ran out of it because I gave the last pair of moisturiser (1 night and 1 day cream) to my sister who has the same problem as me. My skin was crystal clear and I was able to go out without having to use any face powder and the sort. So I thought "OK, looks like my skin is clear of all the bad stuff".

By mid of January this year, one by one, the pimple start popping - particularly the area of my chin, around my nose and above lip area. The whiteheads which was cleared before, started coming back one by one and I panicked. So I got it again in February in the hopes that it'll go back as how it was before the first time using it. Sadly, it's still not good enough for me.

I'm into the 7th month of usage now. There are still minority of whiteheads and the occasional zits during the time of the month.

Sorry for the sad post but, but but!!! I finally bought the Laneige Balancing Emulsion Light. Well, still need time for it to arrive KL though. I will be doing a full review of it once I use about half of the bottle!

Useless post, I know but.... just wanted to share the excitement! Wish me luck!

Have any of you used this before? Does it really moisturised your face to the max as it claims? Does it reduce the oiliness of your skin?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Essie She's Picture Perfect

This is actually more to lilac rather than baby blue. I couldn't even capture the right colour with both natural light and warm light! But anyway, the 2nd picture is almost what our naked eye could see.

This is 2 coats and it's a great formula. It has very very fine and minimal pinkish shimmer which I'm unable to capture as well. At least it's not a bland creme!

CND Stickey
Essie She's Picture Perfect
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Sunday, August 5, 2012

OPI Warm & Fozzie

I've got a few nail polishes lately. Here's one of them. It's OPI Warm & Fozzie from The Muppet Collection.

Look at that! Isn't it gorgeous? It's did such a good work bling-ing my nails. It's like I have gold on my nails, well, not really gold but you get the jizz right?

Took this picture to show you how colourful the foils are. However, I wonder how it'd be when it's time to do my manicure again? Will update soon on that!

Update: Removing this polish is a nightmare. But definitely easier than removing large foils. But still.... argh!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Skin Food Argan Oil Silk Hair Essence

So, I'm in the stage of looking for the best hair serum/oil/repair treatment at the moment. My hair has become really dry, because earlier this year I decided to colour my hair of a light brown (but in reality, the colour chart shows that it's dark blonde but of course looks of a light brown on Asian hair) and that usually means more % of peroxide (or whatever they call the hair dye mixer).

I tried so many products and I got this one when I was in Seoul in March this year.

It's Argan Oil and I've read that this is really good for the hair bla bla bla. It's about RM30+ and I've checked Skin Food in KL and it seems to be selling at RM60?! Crazy right?! Well, I'm the sort of person who will only buy a product which originate from their own country to save on my money. That is of course if I ever visit that country or if my siblings are. :D

It does have some perfume smell to it but after application, you won't be able to notice that smell anymore. I use 2 pumps for the bottom half of my hair and 2 pumps for the top half. I feel that just 1 pump or 2 pumps for the whole head is not enough. Plus, my hair's a bit longer now. :D Been waiting forever for the hair to grow out and I notice that it's pretty fast.

Verdict: It did somehow moisturised my hair but then again I'm not sure if this is the product that made it more moisturised than usual because I'm using a few different products every few days. LOL But, this oil is worth it!! Get it girls!